Yoga Nidra Training

Yoga Nidra is a very specialised area of yoga training.

There are many approaches on offer to relaxation. Most of these methods however are not Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra guidance and practice requires an understanding of the four bodies and states, as given in the yogic texts and through the teachings of traditional teachers.

Yoga Nidra is intended to guide the practitioner beyond all activity of body and mind to the deeper causal body and dreamless sleep state. It is in this state that the profound and life changing benefits of genuine yoga nidra can be accessed.

As a precursor to meditation practice it awakens a quality of awareness that enables the meditation practitioner to penetrate deeper than the mind and its movements. Traversing the mind field and its tenacious habits is an obstacle for many practitioners unless they are guided to awaken a different quality of awareness that is background to even the mind itself. Yoga Nidra trains this quality of awareness.

As a healing agent Yoga Nidra assists the practitioner to diffuse deep seated impressions and traumas at their root beneath the cognitive and subliminal levels.

Guiding Yoga Nidra effectively is a highly specialised skill. Its approach may be different depending on the subtlety and need of the person to be guided. The practice can be developed to a greater depth over time. The facilitator needs to understand the various levels of the practice, when and how to apply them.

The training will explore the science of the practice, the method of practice, the stages of practice and view contemporary research highlighting the vast range of significant benefits.


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