200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Offered in two 9-day intensive formats in Australia and as an immersive three-week residential program in India. Intensives 1 & 2 comprise the 200-hour section of the full 5oo-hour certificate.

The course of study is a unique entry into the cultivation of a genuine personal practice with deep training into the requisite skills to guide and teach others in asana (postures), basic levels of pranayama (breath control), and yoga nidra (yogic forms of relaxation).

Trainees will vary in their reason for course participation. Some have a clear intention to teach others and carry some experience in asana practice already. Others attend to develop and deepen their own self-motivated practice and may choose not to do the assessment components of the training. Teachers with current 200-hour certificates also attend with the intention of learning in a traditional way or to deepen the training they have already received.


The daily schedule of the intensives will weave between study and practical sessions. Here is a view of some of the Intensive 1 & 2 curriculum components:

WHAT IS YOGA - Exploration of the foundational and central principles that guide and inform authentic yoga practice.

HOW YOGA WORKS - The yogic view of the mind, the body, the purpose of a life, and how to influence conscious, vital and empowered living. Includes study of the subtle body anatomy and physiology, the balancing and cultivation of vital energy – exploration of 5 koshas (sheaths), 4 bodies (physical, subtle, causal and supra causal) the system of subtle energy channels and their centers, prana (life force) and the 5 vayus (winds) as aspects of prana and how all this understanding effects practice and experience.

APPLIED PHYSICAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY - As it applies to asana practice, including returning to optimal alignment. Identifying the causes of misalignment, and the use of simple release methods to restore optimal alignment within the muscular -skeletal system. Understanding how the body achieves health and vitality. Understanding the importance of strong digestive function and a balanced nervous system. An online practical anatomy course is part of this component of study.

YOGA NIDRA - As an ancient and traditional practice which expresses the science of human transformation. Training to guide the complete stillness of body/mind. Yoga Nidra is much more than relaxation.

BREATH - The science of breath both physical and subtle. Its importance to overall health of body/mind. Practices to extend and equalize the breath. Breath as key to the balance of the mind. Breath as tool to manage periods of imbalance. Research that supports the yogic emphasis on importance of breath awareness.

THE COMPLEMENTARY SCIENCE OF AYURVEDA - The twin science to yoga. It describes the nature of individual constitution. This basic knowledge enables us to practice and live according to our constitutional predispositions and to environment and season. When applied to yogic practice we develop a more intelligent approach to holistic living.

ASANA - What is asana? Understanding of the three stages of practice. How to practice according to our constitutional predispositions, developing intelligence in practice. How to modify and adapt asana to meet individual needs and to progress to greater depth over time. How to adjust asana in class safely and effectively. Sequencing a class, designing an ongoing practice. Benefits and contra-indications of asanas.



  • Practicum, pair.

  • Beginner Course Design, pair.

  • Deliver A Class To The Group, pair.

  • Open-Book Review/Exam, individual or pair.


2019-20 Course Dates

Barossa, South Australia.

True North Yoga,
Shop 4/109-111 Murray St,
Tanunda, 5352.

2019 Dates
August 3 - 5,
August 31 - September 2,
September 21 - 23,
October 26 - 28,
November 16 - 18,
November 30 - December 2.

Gujarat, India.

Shanti Mandir,
Magod, 396020.

2020 Dates
January 6 - 25.

Adelaide, South Australia.

Mâché 451 Pulteney St Adelaide

2020 Dates
March 14-16

April 11-13

May 2-4

May 30-June 1

June 20-22

July 4-6

Yallingup, Western Australia.

Alchemy, 84 Koorabin Dr, Yallingup

2020 Dates
March 21 - 29,
May 23 - 31.


A more comprehensive course description is given in the course training guide. You can acquire your course training guide by filling in the form below. Note: we will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organisations without your permission