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About Shantarasa

 Yoga is one of humanity’s most precious resources, a wellspring of wisdom that can enrich and enliven every facet of living with meaning, purpose and dignity.  At Shantarasa we are dedicated to communicating and facilitating yoga’s unique and incomparable pathways to radiant wholeness.

We have developed a range of educational tools to meet all levels of interest and competency in relation to yoga practice and understanding.  Currently yoga is predominantly associated with asana or postural practice that has seen a phenomenal uptake globally.  While asana is enormously beneficial, yoga offers so much more in terms of crafting a holistic experience that is transformative and translatable into direct application for relevant application to global life enhancement.

Shantarasa is an ancient Sanskrit word for “essence of peace.”  Traditional yoga wisdom and practice brings us into direct relationship with immutable equanimity that remains uncompromised even in the face of challenge and change.  The inner peace revealed through integrated yoga practice becomes one’s constant companion and ally at all times.

We invite you to explore the full complement of courses, trainings and community that is on offer locally in Australia as well as globally.  Our decades of study, personal implementation and instruction have been eventful and rewarding.  We love to share the incredible journey that traditional yoga practice awakens with all who value a fresh and unjaded vision, courageous heart and reverence for all creatures great and small.

Our special focus is the training of skillfull teachers who draw their inspiration from the depth of the yoga tradition, the breadth of its wisdom.  Their training inspires dedication to a consistent personal practice and study and who find meaningful ways to share the yogic practices within the wider community.