Foundations of Yoga Chikitsa

At present Shantarasa offers a foundations course into Yoga Chikitsa (yoga as therapy). Late-2020 it will launch the full 2-year training in this exquisite area of yoga training.

Foundations in Yoga Chikitsa is a 80-hour professional development training Shantarasa Certificate for existing Yoga Teachers and serious practitioners now available and will be inclusive in the two year Yoga Chikitsa training. All successful participants can direct the accumulated hours into the full Yoga Chikitsa course.

Here we approach yoga as a means to healing and draw upon the vast wisdom and practices of the tradition to customize a specific approach for each individual.

A training that uniquely understands the workings of the body and mind and yet also penetrates beneath the surface of body, surface mind, image and persona. The inner workings of the physical body when understood and experienced in unison with its underlying subtle anatomy reveal the yogic science of energy cultivation that establishes superb health and radiant vitality.

Ᾱsana (posture) when used to gain body knowledge, to gain control of its functions, correct imbalance that and direct energy, becomes an entirely different practice.

Swash (breath) when made conscious and expanded directs its subtle energy counterpart (Prāna) to penetrate the inner spaces of the body and mind to facilitate healing and refinement of both function and ability.

Yoga Chikitsa starts with simple healing practices incorporating body, breath and awareness that evolves into a deeply transformative science of life enhancement. Yoga Chikitsa seeks to awaken a quality of intelligence that is innate in each person and not based on ordinary thinking or information gathering.

When subtle intelligence is accessed, we will opt toward choices and pathways that are more beneficial; an internal radar toward balance becomes operative. Most people today do actuallyrequire the approach of Yoga Chikitsa to develop better integration of body/mind before taking on the more generalised forms of practice that are commonly on offer.

Yoga Chikitsa creates a bridge between medical based understandings of health and traditional knowledge-based life sciences.

The founders of Shantarasa Yoga Darshana provide this unique program of specialised yoga application and practice. Both are teachers who each draw from 40 years of personal training and scholarship as well as being international trainers of yoga teachers and practitioners over decades.

The trainings they offer have exceptional depth and expose students to the complete forms of Yoga as paths of transformation, Self-knowledge and enlightening practice.

This 80-hour (10 day) training will change the way you perceive and experience Yoga while you gain the skills to effectively assist others through life's challenges. The intensive immersion enables teachers of asana to take both their experience and instruction to another level, by resourcing traditional yog methodologies with applications of “practice as healing” and therapy which include āsana and extend far beyond it.


If you are interested in our Foundations of Yoga Chikitsa course, we encourage you to fill out the quick expression of interest form below to let us know that you’re interested. We will contact you when new course information becomes available. Note: we will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organisations without your permission.