Yoga Philosophy

Shantarasa Yoga

Shantarasa was established to enable everyone to meet and engage in the fullness of the yoga experience by offering expert instruction into the broad range of uplifting living skills that express yoga’s’ real essence.

‘Shantarasa’ is a word from the Sanskrit language describing the experience of foundational or deep peace always contained within yet rarely accessed, that is the goal of yoga practice. While yoga is often associated with specific systems of movement to enhance physical and mental well-being, the true measure of its benefits are realized through cultivation of those bodily, mental and spiritual capacities that are innately present but under developed.

The founders of Shantarasa Yoga are deeply grateful and committed to assisting in the preservation of the perennial wisdom ways of the ancient yoga tradition that enables humanity to directly access and realize our extraordinary potential and capacity to craft vibrant, generous and humane lives. The ability of yoga to transform our minds and hearts as well as bodies is unique, and available when the immeasurable richness and profundity of millennia old yoga transformational technologies are intelligently and intently applied.

At Shantarasa, yoga instruction is skilfully conducted to enable profound release of deeply held tensions and limiting mindsets that inhibit the joyful opening and expansive feeling of total well-being. This foundational approach, drawing upon yoga’s singular vision, is consistently cultivated and implemented whether in asana classes, teacher trainings or other programs on offer.

We invite and encourage you to join us in revealing the vast wellspring of prapti or inner delight we all carry within us.