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Shantarasa Yoga’s method of teaching Asana (yogic postures) was developed by cofounder Sadhana Pezet.  Her Three Tiered system has evolved out of four decades of intensive training and personal research.  Sadhana’s practice was inspired and guided by personal instruction she received from the great Siddha master Swami Muktananda, also an accomplished Hatha yogi with a profound understanding of the yogasana tradition.  Residing in India for an extended period with her teacher, Sadhana underwent her original training in Hatha Yoga, with further training periods spent with other accomplished traditional Hatha yogis.  This extended initial phase of intensive study and practice provided her with the heart of her teaching methodology.  Her training continues to this day through her yearly extended stays in the birthplace of yoga and to sit near its authentic teachers and teachings.
Yogasana (postural practice) is an integral and important component of the system for human evolution and transformation that yoga embodies.  The practice of asana consists of methods that can help awaken and refine our innate spiritual intelligence as well as creating vibrant physical and mental wellbeing.  The physical body is cleansed and strengthened by drawing into focus body, breath and awareness.  All the bodily systems are rejuvenated, with vital functions enhanced and diminished functions often reinvigorated. The mind releases its fixated tendencies enabling the body to reform itself on a new template.
We also learn to powerfully breathe into our bodies, expanding and nourishing our energetic quotient that translates into increased lucidity and calmness with vigor.  The first stage of practice directs practitioners to release  lifelong tendencies of holding that shape and create imbalance in our structure which then define how we move through space and occupy our skins.  With attention given to underlying tensions and their subsequent release we find exceptional  mobility and opening in the body.  The deeper phases of asana and breath practice can then take us to expanded levels of physical and psychological wellbeing rarely gleaned without the specific training that are integral in this system.
The many people who have come to appreciate this method of practice find themselves in a living relationship with the immediate and long term transformative power and blessing of an authentic practice and path.
Intelligent asana practice is an exceptional gift to us in our contemporary times.  It is no wonder so many people around the globe are reaching for this ancient art of living science and spiritual balance.  When the demands and pressures of today’s living drain on our personal resources and reserves, yoga practices are proving to be the most powerfully effective means to restore balance.  With consistent practice we find access to often unimagined levels of vitality, awareness and mental clarity.  Asana practiced in conjunction with meditation and Self reflection establishes the practitioner in the heart of yoga and its intent.
In addition to yogasana, Shantarasa Yoga also offer yoga workshops on the full range of yoga practices including pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, philosophy and more.
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