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Shantarasa Yoga facilitates RYS-200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in Walden, USA, at beautiful Shanti Mandir (Temple of Peace). The Walden trainings offer both residential and non-residential packages.
Walden, New York, is two hours drive north of New York City offering a tranquil and secluded environment in Shawangunk Mountains in New York State.
This beautifully located ashram is an ideal country retreat with panoramic views, lakes, streams forests and fields. The 294 acre property provides a glorious natural setting for spiritual renewal and growth.
Trainees and past graduates regularly converge at Shanti Mandir Walden to commence or continue their yoga education and mentorship with Shantarasa founding principals, Sadhana and Keval Pezet. Holding the training here also gives trainees the opportunity to spend time in an environment which is dedicated solely to the living path of yoga. To learn more about Shanti Mandir please visit 


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Do you have the calling to develop yourself, and be expertly trained to work with others for enhancing their essential wellbeing?

Shantarasa Yoga offers yoga teacher trainings from entry level through to advanced trainings which will take you on a unique transformational journey. These acclaimed trainings enable participants to establish an intelligent, skilled personal yoga practice, based on expertly directed individual guidance from gifted experienced facilitators.  Aspiring yoga teachers will gain the resources and competency to guide clients and assist with a broad range of individual needs, and advanced trainings will equip yoga teachers to work with clients in a one-on-one context developing personal practice programs to meet the clients specific needs and goals.

What is Yoga?

Much more than a system of specific movement to enhance physical and mental well-being, yoga delivers a range of tools to address holistic health and develop the innately present bodily, mental, energetic and spiritual capacities.
Yoga uses a range of skills and principles to support the understanding, wellbeing and development of all levels of a practitioner’s experience (physical, mental, emotional, energetic and transpersonal).  Learning how to skilfully use appropriate diet, pranayama (breathing practices), asana (postures), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), meditation and contemplation, brings about enduring transformation that successfully meets the significant challenges posed by contemporary life.
Yoga contains perennial wisdom that enables us to directly access and realise our extraordinary potential and capacity to craft vibrant, generous and humane lives. The ability of Yoga to transform our minds and hearts as well as bodies is unique and readily available when the transformational technologies are intelligently applied.

Why study Shantarasa Yoga Teacher Training?

Students choose these courses because they are globally recognised trainings, and are registered with Yoga Alliance. These trainings have a well established reputation for delivering content that is rich in depth, educating students in the full spectrum of Yoga wisdom and practices that many other courses simply do not offer. You will learn about, and how to imbibe, the vast wellspring of enhanced living skills that yoga has discovered and developed. This approach enables you, the student, to have a greater depth of understanding, more confidence in your teaching and ultimately a yoga practice that will gracefully support you through all life stages.
Who is the course for?
Shantarasa Yoga teacher trainings are designed for those who have an interest in yoga or work in a health related field, as well as prospective participants simply looking to vitally expand themselves. Each level of training can be taken as a full teacher training certificate (with assessment and assignments) or a study only course to deepen your understanding of yoga and develop your personal skills (no assessment or assignments). Graduates have gone on to use their depth of knowledge to work successfully both here and overseas, as part of professional studios, as teachers and within focused health programs for businesses. These courses also benefit those who wish to study further and gain pathways into other post graduate yoga teacher training courses.

Career outcomes

Studying Yoga Teacher Training will give you a powerful range of tools to understand both the mind and the body, helping you to learn about your own inner balance, as well as being able to nurture the balance of others. These unique courses provide the skills and knowledge to develop a career that is both rewarding and flexible. Graduates very often go on to build their own studios, many doing so around the commitments of their family life, while others go on to develop expertise within specific areas such as restorative yoga, yoga for learning difficulties, corporate yoga programs, school yoga programs, yoga therapy, and improving athletic performance. Graduates are currently engaged in many diverse areas of instruction, from elite AFL teams to schools and universities, to the corporate sector.


Shantarasa Yoga training courses are led by highly skilled and richly experienced facilitators. This husband and wife team have both been practicing and teaching yoga for over 4 decades, and currently deliver yoga teacher trainings across the globe including Australia, India and New York. Please click on an image below to read their stories.
KEVAL & SADHANA PEZET Shantarasa Yoga - Principals

Shantarasa Yoga – Principals

TANYA BINGHAM Shantarasa Yoga - Student Services

Shantarasa Yoga – Student Services






DUAL Certificate Option

Students completing the Level 1 (200hr Teacher Training Certificate), have the option of studying just one more semester (four modules) to gain the Level 2 (300hr Teacher Training Certificate). This option allows you to gain two qualifications together, adding to your base of skills and graduating with a 500hr Teacher Training Certificate.

Entry Requirements and Fees

We always ensure that the students we choose are well suited to the course. However, with only 20 places available per intake we take applicants on a first come first served basis and encourage potential students to apply as soon as possible.
Our Enrolment Application Pack contains all of the information and paperwork needed to complete your enrolment, including course fees, payment details and options. Please email to obtain a pack.


“The program was much more than I ever could have imagined or anticipated. We were equal parts challenged and nurtured every step of the way. Every aspect of the program: from the Asana practice, to the well thought out lessons, selections of reading materials and audio visual supplements was done with great care. I read and re-read my notebooks from our study sessions on a daily basis. It would not be an understatement to say this has been a once in a lifetime experience that I will strive to carry deeply within and throughout every aspect of my life.” – Marianne Murray
“The effort I’ve put into yoga in the passed 3 years has transformed my life. However the work I’ve done with Sadhana and Keval in the passed year has deepened my practice to a level I didn’t foresee reaching in this stage. The knowledge they put forth is coming from 2 lifetimes of direct experience and gives you a comprehensive understanding of not just yoga, but yourself.” – Danielle Martino