The Course Facilitators

Shantarasa Yoga

Keval and Sadhana Pezet are the founding directors and principal teachers of Shantarasa Yoga.  They have each fully immersed themselves, as both students and teachers of the tradition for over 40 years.  The establishment of Shantarasa Yoga has provided Keval and Sadhana the vehicle to expose others to the teachers, instruction and practices that have been so highly beneficial for them.

Keval Pezet

kevalEducated in the United States, Keval Pezet received his BA in Art History and Philosophy.  He developed a strong appreciation for Indian culture while specializing in the pictorial iconography of the world heritage listed Ajanta cave paintings.  This research gave rise to his lifelong relationship and passion for the Indian contemplative tradition.
In 1974 he met his mentor, the contemporary spiritual master Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri.  After several years of intensive study with his teacher Keval moved to Europe where he conducted trainings specializing in the application of meditation to dealing with anxiety, depression and stress as well as total life enhancement strategies.  In 1984 he commenced his dedicated study with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda, the successor to Baba Muktananda, which continues to this present time.
In 1985 Keval moved to Australia to continue his work of facilitating yoga and meditative practices.  He met his spouse Sadhana and together established Shantarasa Yoga as a vehicle for disseminating the transformative instruction of ancient yogic wisdom, for contemporary understanding and application.  Since 2005 Keval and Sadhana have trained hundreds of yoga teachers as well as yoga enthusiasts in Australia, India and the United States.

Sadhana Pezet

sadhanaSadhana first trained as a classical and contemporary dancer and studied art at university.  She subsequently practiced both disciplines performing widely as a professional ballet dancer in renowned Australian and international troupes while also exhibiting her paintings.  Sadhana later took post graduate studies in transpersonal psychology and cultural studies.  She was the director for Ikon Institute in South Australia and trained counsellors and art therapists in transpersonal methods nationally in Australia.
Sadhana has sustained a personal yoga practice and served as a highly trained Hatha yoga and meditation instructor for 4 decades.  With her husband Keval Pezet, she is the founder and co-director of Shantarasa Yoga and has trained hundreds of yoga asana teachers internationally for the past 10 years.  As well they offer courses in yoga philosophy, yoga therapy and conduct retreats and corporate trainings in yoga, meditation, with associated lifestyle practices.  She is currently authoring two books, one detailing her particular approach to asana practice and the second on yoga psychology.

Shanti Mandir

Keval and Sadhana have a deep affiliation with Shanti Mandir and its founder, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda Saraswati, based in Gujarat, India.  Shanti Mandir has ashrams in Walden, New York and Magod, India which both provide yoga study and teacher trainings, and each year Keval and Sadhana take groups of students to experience living yoga within the Shanti Mandir yoga community at these beautiful ashrams.
Swami Nityananda is one of the two living successors to Swami Muktananda.  He was first appointed to this role by his teacher in 1981.  Since that time he has continued, with total dedication, disseminating the path of Sanatana Dharma (universal spiritual principles) and the yoga of the Siddhas (full accomplished adepts) around the world.