Kirtan Chants

Kirtan Chant is a beautiful yoga practice based on ancient mantras.
In this practice there is an introductory chant, and then mantras are sung by call-and-response. Singers lead the call and attendees join for the response. The singing is accompanied by the melodic tone of the harmonium and often also strings and tabla players (a particular type of drum). The repetition of the Kirtan Chant starts slowly and gradually builds to a joyful and uplifting gallop!
Why practice Kirtan Chanting? This practice is the original sound bath! Whether you join in with the response or simply bathe in the sound, this practice has the ability to quiet the mind, bringing an enfolding sense of unity and a deep inner stillness.
Mantra is a yoga practice to protect the mind, it gives the mind a well deserved rest from day to day mulling, it fills the heart with joy, allows us to draw deeply into the present moment and as all the clutter drops away, allows us to connect with our true nature, fuelling a sense of flow, connection and unity.
The community usually comes together for Kirtan Chant once a month, but we are taking a short break at the moment to accommodate interstate and overseas travel for training programs! We look forward to welcoming you when we return!


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