Corporate Yoga

Shantarasa Yoga presents the essence of yoga, practical and engaging.  Our South Australian-based yoga school has been practicing since 2000 and in addition to local classes, offers teacher-trainings and intensives in Australia, New York and India.
Built on more than 40 years of study and teaching by principals Claude and Deborah Pezet, Shantarasa Yoga offers expert guidance through their personally trained yoga instructors.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Shantarasa Yoga brings our yoga classes into your workplace, delivering a package to suit your needs.
Classes are specifically designed for the wellbeing of your employees with relaxation and breathing exercises to calm the mind and nervous system, as well as stretching and strengthening where your employees need it most.
Background information will be gathered from all participants prior to commencement further enabling us to best meet the needs of your employees.

Class Design

Delivered at your workplace or the studio (9 Compton St, Adelaide)
The first block is an introductory course suitable for all levels
Subsequent blocks are appropriate to employee needs and goals
Discounts available for more than 1 class per week


For more information and to discuss options that will meet the particular needs of your employee corporate wellness, please contact