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Are you looking for a Yoga Teacher Training course?  With so many choices, styles and approaches available, are you finding it difficult to decide? While Yoga is being changed and rebranded to fit current marketing trends, and is now considered an adjunct to fitness training, Shantarasa’s focus remains on the essential core of the yoga experience. By taking this Training you will experience a true plunge into the depths, the heart and infinite potential  that a genuine transformational path of Yoga offers.  Here is a little more about us and how the courses work.

Shantarasa Yoga Darshana has been facilitating Yoga Teacher Training immersions globally since 2000, drawing participants from many countries. Over four decades the founders of Shantarasa have witnessed the rise and dissolution of the many variations and derivations of essential Yoga. What remains as the passage of time and changing nuances of societies is a pathway of transformative benefit to the genuine seeker of a more meaningful life and purpose.

Do you have the calling to develop yourself and be expertly trained to work with others? Shantarasa Yoga Darshana offers yoga teacher trainings from entry level through to advanced trainings which will take you on a unique transformational journey. These trainings have a reputation for delivering unique content that is rich and in-depth, educating in the full spectrum of Yoga wisdom and practices. Gain a greater understanding and more confidence in your yoga practice and teaching that will gracefully support you and others through all of life’s stages.

Not practicing with the aim of instructing others? All of our trainings can be taken as personal evolution courses designed to give you the depth, understanding and skill to better guide your own journey.  These courses are all accredited with Yoga Alliance. When you train with Shantarasa Yoga Darshana you can rest assured you are accessing the highest caliber trainings with facilitators who carry a  rare level of experience gained over 4 decades and who will guide and support your personal and professional evolution.

Join an international community of yoga teachers and practitioners that have established lifelong friendships and connections and who meaningfully apply their learned skills to the benefit of their respective communities.

Design your training path through 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 300hr Teacher Training, completing 500 hours of full qualification. 2019 offers training choices in Adelaide, South Australia; Yallingup, Western Australia; Magod, India; with some elements being offered as immersion retreats in Thailand or India. Additional electives can be streamed toward the end of your 500-hour training. Courses for the coming year 2019 listed below.

On completion of 500 contact hours and assignments, graduates will be equipped to register as fully trained Yoga Teachers with skills to guide classes in contexts that range from group classes to private and professional settings

200 Hour trains the basic level of practice that equips teachers with sufficient skill to instruct and continue developing their personal practice.

300 Hour Training Certificate is the natural extension of 200 Hour Training Certificate.

The 300 Hour Certificate expands teaching skill sets and enables personal practice to exponentially deepen. You will learn to identify and work more effectively with individual differences and needs, designing practice in the one on one private session context. Explores pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra at a subtler and more powerful level. The thematic components of the training cover essential subjects drawn directly from traditional contexts.

500 Hours is the highest level of recognized training.  You can complete the 500 hours of training in several locations and structuring your own electives and interest areas.



INTENSIVE 1 – 13-21 April 2019

INTENSIVE 2 – 1-9 June 2019


INTENSIVE 3 – 17-25 August 2019

INTENSIVE 4 – 28 September-6 October 2019

INTENSIVE 5  – 1-4 November 2019 and 15-18 November 2019

Options are also available to complete INTENSIVE 5 as an Immersion Retreat in Thailand or India – please enquire.

If the dates for these intensives are not suitable, please enquire as there may be an opportunity to complete your study in Western Australia, India or Thailand.

*Note: 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate with Shantarasa or other Training Organization is prerequisite for 300 Hour training.

To Request a training guide for the Trainings: studentservices@shantarasa.com




You may elect to complete Intensive 5 in a retreat format to attain your 300 Hour training and/or your full 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

We conduct retreats at Shanti Mandir Magod, Gujarat, India and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Chiang Mai in Thailand December 13-19, 2019

Shanti Mandir Magod, Gujarat, India March 9-17, 2020

Retreat details will be forwarded to you as separate training guides upon request


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Contact: studentservices@shantarasa.com